We Moved!

It has been a minute! So, we’re finally moved, it’s been one hell of a month, but thank the Lord its done!!

The past week or so we’ve been unpacking and settling. There’s not too much left to unpack besides some extra linens and seasonal clothes (I plan on getting an old/cheap dresser to put in the extra bedroom to hold like swimwear and gloves and skullies)

We’re still working on finding where we want things to go, I’ve moved the furniture in the den a half dozen times by now. I think where it is now is my favorite. I think.

We also bought a projector for movie nights or when friends come over and we can hook up a game console to it. I’ve also got all my curtains for the living room and Shanna’s room in. They aren’t up but they’re here.

I don’t think I ever mentioned this, but our house is all gas, stove, water heater, and central heating is all gas. Our first few nights there took some getting used to, it’s an older house so it creaks a bit. It’s also so much darker! I didn’t realize how much light we had from the street lamps outside of our apartment! The next day I found all our wax warmers and oil diffusers and got them all set up.

I’m so happy this move happened. All month it just seemed like a dream, like it wasn’t actually happening to us.

In other news, it’s almost school time. I don’t know if any other parents are freaking out inside, but I’m terrified for Shanna to go back to school. Her district tested teachers a little over a month ago, and 4 had COVID but nothing since then, no additional testing, no word on how those teachers are, nothing! We are necessarily a “hot-spot” or anything, but we have had quite a few cases. It’s much worse just an hour or so North of us though.

I honestly would rather her be taught from home, but her mom and step-dad have said they aren’t able to do that. We’ve offered to do it here, I’m more than capable, I have a little side room in my office with a computer that she uses when she comes to work with me anyway, but they said no, it was better for her to go back.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think schools do need to go back, but the families who are able to and have the resources to should do it at home, like our family. I know not all families can, but if we can limit our kids’ contact with others who may not know they have it, then we should. Let’s face it, those kids are not gonna wear masks all day. Very few will for even an hour. They’ll be playing with them, and it’s going be impossible for those poor teachers.

I don’t know, maybe it’ll be fine and we’re all worried for nothing.

Well I think I’ll leave it at that for now. Remember to be kind to everyone you meet, and that you are loved more than you know!!

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