Back to School

So today is Shanna’s first day of school, and we are so excited! Her teacher this year actually worked with her a bit last year, so it’s a familiar face! We also finally know what new protocol her school is implementing. The kids will be eating their meals in the classrooms instead of the cafeteria, and students are going straight to their teachers in the morning. We also had to fill out screenings for them every morning.

I’ve said this before previously, but I’m not too worried about Shanna getting COVID. I’ve already had it, and if its contagious as long as they say it is, she’s been exposed to it multiple times since we have her every week and I’m the one who typically picks her up and drops her off. Her immune system has developed a natural vaccine against it already, so IF she gets it, Shanna will bounce back quickly. Also, she’s a really healthy kid, so she’ll be fine. She’ll basically just have the flu, and she and I will do her school work together at home since I’ve already had it, but her mom and step-dad haven’t.

That’s what the plan is I think if they have to quarantine, Shanna is coming to us since I have more flexibility with my schedule to work with her, and I can easily go to working from home. Honestly, we’ve wanted her to be with us and do online learning anyway, but we don’t usually get what we want with her.

In other news, Matt and I have started planning a weekend trip for my birthday! We’re going to Ardmore, OK. The biggest reason is to visit a casino there. Neither of us have ever been and we think it’ll be fun. We’d also only be about 2 hours from 6 Flags, so we’ll probably stop there for a bit on the way back. Other than the casino, there’s a national park and a military museum we want to visit. It’s going to be a great weekend!

I’m gonna leave at that for now. Remember to be kind to everyone you meet, and that you are loved more than you know!!

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