More and More Wedding Planning

Just when I think I’m done with the wedding stuff, I think of something else! I’m going through music now, looking for first dance, Daddy-Daughter for Matt and Shanna, and Mother-Son for Matt and his mom. I’ve decided against doing a dance with anyone in my family, it’ll cause more headache than I want toContinue reading “More and More Wedding Planning”

Busy, Busy Bates

These past few weeks have been crazy! Pictures and birthdays and weddings! Then we had out Annual Meeting with work to prepare for, next is Angel Tree cards and the Bivocational Conference in Comfort (a tiny little roadtrip for me!) then finishing the Annual Book of Reports. Thankfully, I’ve got all my Christmas shopping done,Continue reading “Busy, Busy Bates”

The Busy Season

This week will be the start of my busy season. Coming up, I have: a massive conference on race relations, family pictures, my birthday, our Annual HOPE Offering, mine and Matt’s anniversary (3 years together!!), our massive Annual Meeting (our office serves 83 churches, and we bring them ALL together to fellowship with one another),Continue reading “The Busy Season”

Holiday Season

So last week we got the puppy, and it’s just been crazy with him and trying to train him. The most frustrating thing we’ve run into is that he ~almost~ understands the house training. He knows that wherever I put the potty pads is where I want him to potty. So he moves the pottyContinue reading “Holiday Season”

More Birthday Planning

So, for Shanna’s birthday, Matt and I decided to do a room make-over for her: new bedding, decorations, curtains, furniture, the whole shebang. Now, because we don’t have her full time, none of these things are going to be worn down before her tastes change, so we’re going with a very neutral color and decorContinue reading “More Birthday Planning”

Back to School

So today is Shanna’s first day of school, and we are so excited! Her teacher this year actually worked with her a bit last year, so it’s a familiar face! We also finally know what new protocol her school is implementing. The kids will be eating their meals in the classrooms instead of the cafeteria,Continue reading “Back to School”

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