The Busy Season

This week will be the start of my busy season. Coming up, I have: a massive conference on race relations, family pictures, my birthday, our Annual HOPE Offering, mine and Matt’s anniversary (3 years together!!), our massive Annual Meeting (our office serves 83 churches, and we bring them ALL together to fellowship with one another), finish planning and ordering stuff for Shanna’s birthday party that is the first Saturday of November, and finish planning all the Christmas gifts. And that’s just October!

After this month it’ll be a bit more easy going, but then we have Shanna’s party, then Thanksgiving, then order and send out Christmas cards, then decorate for the holidays and finish getting whatever is left on our list, the Matt’s birthday, and still make Christmas cookies for the Police department, mine and Matt’s bosses, and Shanna’s teachers. Oh and family too I guess. Plus finishing the financial reports for the year, getting W2’s, giving forms, tentative calendars, and giving receipts ready to be sent out in the new year.

Thank the Lord my office isn’t doing a Christmas party this year! I don’t know how much more I can hold on my plate. The worst part (not that I regret any of it or think any of it is bad of course) is that Matt can’t really take any off my plate. Most of this is for work, and I’m a touch controlling, which gets worse when I’m stressed, and when I’m stressed I start planning, which stresses me out some more, so I just start doing things (like stress cleaning the kitchen) which makes me tired, so I sit down and plan more things, and it’s just a vicious cycle…

I know I SHOULD let Matt take some things, like the Christmas shopping and some of the prep work for Shanna’s birthday and some of the decorating for Christmas, but I know me, and I’ll just be like, “no I don’t want that there” or “no we can’t get that because it’ll clash with the decorations I got already” and eventually I’ll just take it over anyway. I always do.

But I also love planning stuff, planning and organizing events is what I do, it’s my spiritual gift, so I can’t just give it up. I just need to learn to control it.

And on that note, I’m gonna leave it here. I’ve got a lot to do, and not a lot of time to do it. I love you guys, remember to spread love and kindness where ever you go, and you are loved more that you know!!

P.S., the puppy is doing great!! He’s started letting us know he needs to potty so we can go outside!

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