Holiday Season

So last week we got the puppy, and it’s just been crazy with him and trying to train him. The most frustrating thing we’ve run into is that he ~almost~ understands the house training. He knows that wherever I put the potty pads is where I want him to potty. So he moves the potty pads and pees on the floor where I put them. So close! Otherwise, he’s adjusting to his new home well.

I’ve officially been bit by the holiday season bug. I’ve already started buying new Christmas decorations for the house and a new Christmas tree (ours is broken). I’m thinking about taking the little 1 foot tree I have and putting it in Shanna’s room. I have a few sets of little bobbles and tree skirts for it that go together, and I can get some more if she wants something else. It’s pre-lit, so that’ll be easy.

I’ve finally gotten the last of our outfits for our Family photos. This year its green and gold. Matt finally realized that I color code the holidays; whatever color we wear in the family photos I get that same color wrapping paper and bobbles and lights for the tree. we did red first, last year we did blue, and now its green and gold. It makes it easier to timeline pictures, and while right now it won’t be a big deal, when we start having kids it will be.

This year the gifts might just be green. I’m having the hardest time finding green and gold wrapping paper, though. Maybe I’ll do gold paper and green ribbon, or do bags. I think the bags will be fine for everyone except Shanna and the Santa presents.

We’ve been getting a good amount of rain the past few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I know we need it, but it’s a lot and my driveway isn’t level, so I’m wearing rainboots to my car everyday. God forbid I leave them in the car on accident, then I have to go out there barefoot to get them, and that water is freezing!!

Our house warming party went well! Dad and Christy got us this really adorable picture frame with a chalkboard in the middle. Matt’s parent’s showed up late, they got caught at an auction, so they didn’t get to meet my dad. They did get to play Jack Box Party Pack with us and a couple friends.

Last thing that’s going on in the Bates family is the Christmas musical. Tomorrow night is the first rehearsal. I signed up for it, I don’t know what I want to do though. Costuming might be fun! Or hair and make-up. It’s an adult/youth performance, not children I don’t think.

Ok, well, I’m gonna have to end it here. Remember to be kind to everyone you meet, and that you are loved more than you know!!

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