Busy, Busy Bates

These past few weeks have been crazy! Pictures and birthdays and weddings! Then we had out Annual Meeting with work to prepare for, next is Angel Tree cards and the Bivocational Conference in Comfort (a tiny little roadtrip for me!) then finishing the Annual Book of Reports.

Thankfully, I’ve got all my Christmas shopping done, and Matt and I should be done with Shanna’s dressers this weekend for her room make-over. Her new bed-frame will be in Halloween, and then we can get everything put together for her party on the 7th.

Speaking of Halloween, Matt and I are doing a trunk or treat with our church. I’ve got my theme picked out, I just need to get everything for it.

In other news, Matt and I are officially engaged! Over the weekend he proposed, so we’re officially getting married now! I mean, we always were going to get married, but now its happening for real! Both of our families (and all our friends) said it’s about time. So we’re getting married May 15, then going to the coast for our honeymoon!

All in all, life is happening at the speed of light for the Bates family. I’m so excited for everything, for our family to finally become one, and to know that I will be spending the rest of my life with Matthew.

I know I said that so much has happened these past weeks, but there really isn’t much left to tell. It’s all been work stuff. So, until next week! Remember to spread love wherever you go, and you are loved more than you know!!

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