The Holidays!!

Where to begin!!

It’s been a while, sorry. I was working through some things, and we were both busy and not busy at the same time.

I’ll hit the basics real quick, Matt and I are engaged (finally), Shanna’s party went amazing! She loves her new room. Matt was exposed to COVID so we had to quarantine for Thanksgiving, I’m done Christmas shopping (for reals this time) and I’ve started a new work project!

The puppy is doing great! He’s growing so fast, already 30lbs and hyper as can be. He loves his whimsy treats, and the teething chews I found.

Shanna is officially 10!! And she’s really grown a lot this year. She’s started coming out of her shell more and letting us know what things she’s interested in. She likes Maximum Ride by James Patterson, so one of her gifts is a box set of them.

Matt’s birthday is coming up soon, he’ll be 29, so keep Grandpa in your prayers! He’s freaking out about being almost 30, poor guy. Me, I can’t wait to be in my 30s, then my old lady body will have finally been right for my age!

I’ll make another post this weekend, I’ll include some pictures of the puppy, our holiday pics, and some of my four (4!) trees. Matt says I went to far, I think I need another full size one lol!!

I promise I’ll be better about posting something every week. I’m really doing this for me more than anything.

Remember to be kind to everyone you meet, and that you are loved more than you know!!

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