I’m Back!

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long, a lot started happening and this unfortunately had to take a backseat for a bit. I’m back now, and I should be back for good!

So, what’s been happening? Let’s see, well, Matt and I are in the midst of wedding planning. In the last post, I mentioned he finally proposed, I do think I ever shared the story for that though. We’re huge nerds, and play dungeons and dragons together every week. Last fall we played 2 games every week together, and it was that second game where Matt proposed. He almost didn’t get to, I was tired and trying to get everyone to agree to call it (it was like 11 pm and I’m not a night person lol) We got it on video, so I’ll make sure to post it here somewhere.

Shanna loved her birthday party and room makeover. We gone in and reorganized things the way she wants it, so its perfect!

The new puppy is doing great, though he’s not so new anymore. This 7 month old little monster is 70 pounds already! I knew German Shepherd were big dogs, I didn’t realize they got that big that quick though! Potty training went well after a couple weeks. We stopped using the potty pads since he just played with them. After he got a bit bigger, we started leaving him out during the day. He’s really liked that, he likes playing with the neighbor’s dogs through the fence.

Matt and I had to quarantine during Thanksgiving, he had been exposed over the weekend, so we had my mom bring us a turkey and a couple groceries for us to cook for ourselves. It wasn’t that bad I guess, but I definitely missed being with family.

Ok, what else? Christmas happened, it went well. We had Shanna this year so we made stops at all the families. I’m getting an assistant at work. Matt’s busy as usual. I think that’s it for the most part. I’ll post some pictures and videos, but That’s my update for now! I’ll make sure to post again next week.

Remember to spread kindness to everyone you meet, and that you’re loved more that you know!

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