More and More Wedding Planning

Just when I think I’m done with the wedding stuff, I think of something else! I’m going through music now, looking for first dance, Daddy-Daughter for Matt and Shanna, and Mother-Son for Matt and his mom. I’ve decided against doing a dance with anyone in my family, it’ll cause more headache than I want to put up with.

I’m also putting a bunch of songs just in a playlist to play beforehand and during the reception, but that’s easier. Although, I won’t say no to recommendations…

I’m also working on room arrangements for the night before. My work has a retreat center that can room about 40 people, so the wedding party and some out of town family are staying the night. I just want to make sure we’re not all mixed up. I know myself and the bridal party are staying in one wing with the small living room to get ready in. The groom and groomsmen are getting ready in the conference room, with is just off the main hall.

Oh, I still need to get the cake ordered. There’s this amazing bakery near the venue that’ll be perfect! We’re doing a small 2 tier cake for pictures and tradition, and then a few dozen cupcakes.

In other news, I finally brought the pup to be fixed. No puppies for us! He was so drugged out when we brought him home, poor baby. He’s normally really hyper and just bouncing off the walls, but he just wanted to nap and get snuggles. Barely ate anything that first day, which the vet told us about. It’s been a couple days, so he’s back to his normal, rambunctious self.

I think that’s it for now. I’m waiting on my seamstress to recover from wrist surgery to tailor my dress and Shanna’s dress, Matt and I are both on track to be in good shape for the wedding and honeymoon, and we’re excited to be able to have everything we want and more thanks to the support of our families and friends.

If anyone has any recommendations for songs to go on the wedding playlist (or the road trip playlist to the honeymoon) leave them down below! Remember to spread kindness to everyone to meet, and that you’re loved more than you know!

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